If you need texts translated from Portuguese, Spanish, or French into English, Social Research Translating Services can help. Even in non-English-speaking countries, scholars are increasingly being evaluation for hiring and promotions based on the number of articles published in English and the ranking of the journal or academic press. I have helped social scientists get their works published in the most prestigious journals and book presses. IWhy? Because I am passionate and knowledgeable about the social sciences; I also care deeply about language and cross-cultural communication. I know how to translate your research texts into U.S. English (my native language) in a style that sounds natural, flows smoothly, fits the rhetorical conventions of your social science discipline, and clearly communicates the linguistic and cultural meanings you want to impart. So if you’re looking for a precise and persuasive English translation of your text, I have the expertise and enthusiasm needed to enhance its chances of getting accepted by the most prominent publishers.

Over the years, I have gained experience in editing through writing and publishing my own articles, peer reviewing those of colleagues, and teaching writing-intensive courses to university students. As a result, I also offer structural, stylistic, and copy editing services for native and non-native authors of English manuscripts. If you need such services, I invite you to visit the website of my sister company, Social Research Editing Services.

Please note that I will not accept any requests to do post-editing of so-called machine translation (PEMT) of any kind. I only occasionally agree to revise translated texts done by other people (since it sometimes takes longer than translating from scratch), although I welcome questions about thorny translation passages and love trying to find solutions to challenging linguistic problems. 

By allowing me to translate your manuscript, your message will get through to your target audience in a compelling manner, ensuring the results you want. I invite you to contact me at your convenience to discuss your project.


Contact information

Catherine V. Howard, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 656
Putney, Vermont 05346

“Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.”
— George Steiner